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The second emergency declaration has been lifted, and the ban on business trips has been lifted.
I went to Kyoto for the first time in about half a year.

The Shinkansen was almost full.
I miss the days when there were only a few people per carriage.

In the evening, I had a dinner with a client, which was supposed to be a light meal in front of Kyoto Station, but the client specified a restaurant.
The place was Hormone Aje in Kiyamachi Dangruri.

My client was going to be a little late, so I went to the restaurant first.

There was a huge line.

We had to write our names on a list at the entrance and wait outside.
I waited alone in a suit amidst all the couples for 40 minutes.
By the time my turn came, other customers arrived and I went inside.
I was told that this is the most famous restaurant for hormones in Kyoto, and it is indeed delicious.

We ate and drank for about two hours and were tipsy.
I thought I was going to go straight home, but then I was invited to go to one more restaurant by client.
Shijo, Kiyamachi, Kawaramachi, Ponto-cho, and Gion are all within walking distance.

There was nothing but temptation.

Since I was in Kyoto and it had been a while since I had been to Gion, I decided to extend my trip.

I arrived at a place up Higashioji Street near Yasaka Shrine.
I arrived at Ouse, a tatami room bar located on Shinmonzen Street near Yasaka Shrine.

The interior of the bar has a relaxed atmosphere with incense wafting in the air, and since it is a tatami room, you need to take off your shoes to enter.
The seats are all dugout style, with women in kimono serving customers across the counter.
The tasteful atmosphere made me feel more at home.

After about an hour of drinking, we left Gion and went to Ponto-cho for the third meeting.
I was so inebriated that my memory was fading, but the whiskey was still flowing.

As it was past 26:00, we took separate cabs, as we were going in different directions from my client.

I had booked a hotel near Kyoto Station, so I told the driver the name of the hotel.


“Sir, we’ve arrived.”

The cab ride of only less than 15 minutes had completely fallen through.

I paid and got off.

Here I am, and for the first time I realize that I don’t know where I am.

I thought I was in a hotel near Kyoto station.

Calm down, calm down, Tomotaro, in times like this, don’t move, think, think, think.

Even if I don’t move or think, I can’t make a normal decision when I’m intoxicated.

Okay, let’s take a cab again.

I made up my mind and stopped the cab.

Please take me to Hotel XX in front of Kyoto Station.

The driver was silent.


Didn’t he hear me? Should I say it again? Is that good manners, right?

Finally, the driver opened his mouth.

“Sir, the XX Hotel is in the back. It’s about a 30-second by walk.

The words sobered me up.
I was so embarrassed.

I apologized and got out of the cab, leaving it empty.

I must have made it to the hotel somehow, but I don’t remember anything after I entered the room.

The next thing I remember was falling into bed at 29:30 in the morning, still wearing in my suit.

If I had died like this, I would have died a strange death, drooling.

Reflections on this time
Didn’t finish at the first meeting.
Drinking in a place with many temptations.
Drunkenness to the point of losing consciousness.

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